The work is fueled by my interior monologue, a choosing of marks, images, shapes, tones, thoughts and feelings, placed on a surface. It is more of a scrapbook than a diary, as it is bits and pieces of moments within a narrative.

The processes used incorporate heated wax, resin and pigment fused onto wooden panels and acrylic mono-type cut outs layered onto wood.
Each of these provide for me the layering, fluidity and experimentation that give sometimes unexpected results.

I explore the space with a continual emphasis on real or implied, sensual, textured surface. Combinations of materials with the layers, allow carving of the surface to expose layers beneath. Images drawn, created digitally both ancient and personal are seen as fragments of time and place.

Ultimately I wish to produce a piece that draws the viewer to a forgotten place freed from the pressures of modern life, perhaps where their spirit can rest, soar or be nourished. This connection of artist to viewer completes my process.
Rupert, VT