Other ventures.

I always remember the conversation with my father who wanted to be an artist but was told he had to relegate that desire to a hobby while pursuing a profession. So when I insisted on art school he wanted to know “How are you going to make a living?” Being young and foolish, I now congratulate myself for answering “I don’t know but I will have to figure it out.” Dad became a successful chemical engineer but always kept his love of the arts.

 Figuring it out is the artist’s dilemma.  Graphic design, illustration and teaching are the commercial aspects that have provided me a living. It proves to be a divided mind set but it allows me to turn to my painting and explore, change, be figurative and non representational without needing to answer to a client. Now and then I will do a painting that is asked for such as Mary’s Horse.  She is a collector of my work and has a fine appreciation of the artist’s direction as personal, individual and not to be tampered with.

Mary's Horse
Mary’s Horse